This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine...

Random Things About Me

I have some adages for living the good life.  One is, Always swing when swinging is available.

I like all foods, especially ice cream, except seitan and fried liver.  I'm proud of disliking only two foods (so far).

I get lost while driving so frequently that I speculate that the installation of a GPS device in my car at age 16 would have saved me 9 months, 14 days, 7 hours, 21 minutes (and counting...).

I have something I refer to as "tragically good aim."  When I throw things  jokingly, I tend to hit my "joke" target directly where it is funniest for spectators and most painful for the target.  Because of this I remind myself to not jokingly throw anything anymore.

I'm great at making up silly songs and lyrics on the spot and terrible at remembering real ones.

Purple has always been my favorite color.  In jr. high school I went through a phase wherein I pretended that blue, then, black & white, were my favorite colors.  I began claiming purple again in college, but never really wore anything purple until my twenties.  I have always painted one room of my house purple, since I began living alone and painting my own colors.  When I was seven-ish and getting my hair cut at the mall, the stylist asked me my favorite color and I told her, "purple."  She said, "oooh, you must be an Aquarius."  I imagine my eyes grew freakishly wide because I thought she was some kind of magic wizard for knowing that.

A psychic recently told me that, in the future, I will do work to help children remember who they are.  I believe her.  I have been helping me remember who I am for nearly ten years now.  Who "I am" is both static and ever evolving greater, but there always seems to be a red hooded sweatshirt involved.

I happen to be an excellent cook, but only recently have I learned how to perfectly boil an egg.