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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Body Mind Hypnosis

I can stop wishing.  From what I learned of hypnotherapy last week I, with all my daydreaming, imagining, and irregular meditative states, am a great candidate for hypnosis.  As it was presented to me, hypnotherapy can basically be used to reprogram our thought habits around certain subjects or behaviors.  You're reprogramming your brain; like all of my unlearn and retraining issues.  I'm betting I can stop wishing to be a certain way and hypnotize myself.  If I have a positive, smooth script and a few quiet moments I can immerse myself and remake parts of the past as I keep wishing they had been.  I can stop wishing and make it real.  For instance, even as my boy wiggles and baby-grunts on the floor next to me, I can cull the idea here now and create a script to heal my body treatment habits.  I can unmake the story I've told myself, about my upbringing's strengths and failings.  I can unmake the why of my bodymind issues.  I can fill in the places I wish were different with new truths that I know now.  I can go back and give myself all the things I know now, that I wish I knew then.  I can stop wishing; can have it be...

One thing the following hypnosis script draft does not have is the into and out of portion, like I experienced at the session I had.  At the end the script included something like a trigger.  The color, in that case was red.  Every time I saw the color red, I was instructed, I would feel good.  Would feel valuable, vibrant, vivacious, and so on.  I will do this for myself now.  The color of the root chakra, the seat of the body, the pelvis, balance point, is also red.  (Well, isn't that just convenient?  A twofer!)

There is no separation between my mind and my body.  The language used to think thoughts is of my body and equally of my mind.  Without tongue there is no language.  Without body there is no tongue.  Without mind there is no language.  Without body there is no mind.  The language my mind uses to speak to itself is a gift from my body.

I listen to my body.  I listen to the needs of my body with utmost respect.  I humble myself before my body's wisdom.  My body is never wrong.  My body is never ever wrong.  My body is always right.  My mind yields, always, to the wisdom of my body.  My mind never attempts to override the God Wisdom of my body.  My body is always right.  Always.

My brain does foolish things and my body watches it without judgment.  My body observes my brain dispassionately, though sometimes it does chuckle.  My body is patient and does not act irrationally.  My body is never wrong.

All my present knowing has always been there.  There is no need to undo anything.  The wisdom of my body has always been present and treated as the ultimate word all the time.  There is no divergence of desire and need.  What the body needs the body needs and the mind does not question.

My body is never wrong, my mind always accepts its body's needs as imperative.  When my body is tired it rests.  When my body hungers it eats.  When my body is energetic is jumps, spins, dances, sprints.  My body is willing and happy to work for me when it is well.  When my body is unwell it must rest and get extra nutritional care.  My mind never yelps before my body's needs as though it had more important things to do.  My mind knows its body is not its vehicle.

My body is good and my mind trusts its wisdom implicitly.  My body is good and my body is never wrong.  It must be, it is, always listened to humbly and with the utmost respect.

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