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Friday, May 6, 2011

You Can Get This Snippet

This week I realized that my need to be writing had finally overcome my laziness in the early morning hours.  I felt a familiar feeling, chagrin, when I thought about how typical it is of me to have finally committed to one child (writing) when I had just had another (you, Salamander).  I can be funny that way; putting too much on my plate just to prove I can do it.  And so, this tumble-log, will include writing at times, or me talking about it.  I’m trying to pack in as many truths as possible, my darling. 
Now, as the house is dark in all but the craft room/office, and my tea is hot beside me, I hear you cooing and burbling in  your room across the hall.  You’re an hour early, I think, with something that feels like panic swaying in my belly.  Please don’t be awake just yet.  I so urgently want to feed this other child right now. 

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