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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Vision Post

She is women laughing, spilling wine, chopping onions
licking licorice, looking backwards savoring salt, satisfied, she is
mother pulling patience from the air, bedraggled hair, she is
woman stacking shocks of corn, woman making love in dreadlocks
sweeping floors sweating summer heat
What does a goddess look like?
She looks like you, She looks like me
She looks like us in sacred conversation.
Yvonne Pearson

Excerpted from a poem called "What Does a Goddess Look Like?" which appears in the 2010-11 We'Moon date book.

This is a calling.  This is me, calling out.  I know my women, sisters, elders are out there; I'm asking.  Please, please find me.  Please, please lead me to you.  The laughing, wine spilling, onion chopping women help me stay sane in the world.  I have a good life, but you women, I don't yet know where you are, you will make it so much better.


mad_aguirre said...
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Madeleine said...

We are here!
Or at least, I am.
And all the sisters, aunties, elders, grandmothers I have found and gathered along the way...
Yes, we are all here. And now I've found you:-)

Hello sister <3