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Saturday, April 9, 2011


This is a poem I wrote in my new favorite cafe, which sits just below my new favorite yoga studio.  I go there every Sunday morning at 8:30 to practice yoga and then share conversation and yummy foods with new friends.  I've found my church.

update 4/10/2011  Thanks to my friend Angie for reading this and sharing her insights.  Based on them, and on some of own hunches, I have edited this poem a third time to what you see now.

"Liberation is in the little things, here and now." - B.K.S. Iyengar

You need only your breath--
Not to mutter under,
But to carry you on--
As a medium.

You need only your breath
And your love--
Your love in action
And this

Roll out flat
Fill up
And fold.

A moment is 
All it takes
To pray.  Ask anything:
To have more love to give,
For the falling trees
To miss your home,
To be able to really
A smile.

You need only your breath
And forgiveness at the ready
If you want to turn
This world back
Into a magic worth living.
Start small--
Where you are,
Accept your limitations.
If you need more support
Your mouth to ask,
Open your mouth to
Sour and sweet.


Evelyn said...

hiiiiiiiiiii :)
so nice ur blog :D:D:D
see you

mani said...

really nice poem...your blog is great