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Monday, March 7, 2011

We All Have the Buddha Within

Watched a PBS online video called The Buddha last night.  Had beautiful dreams in two hour snippets afterward.  I have learned I can't necessarily recreate pleasing behaviors just by making sure the conditions are reproduced identically.  Five hours of sleep in one go two nights in a row does not mean I won't see two hour intervals for the next three nights.

I said to Hadj, "Wouldn't it be great to be raised Buddhist?" and he said, "We could raise Salamander that way."
"But we're don't practice Buddhism," I countered.
Maybe it's time I start meditating on impermanence again.  I usually wind up seeing that Hadj and I are in agreement on most things.

One scholar they interviewed talked about the three things that cause human suffering.  He said greed, anger, and ignorance are our major downfalls.  He said the idea is not to stop yourself from experiencing these universal human traits, but to be able to turn them on their heads and express generosity, compassion, and wisdom instead.  I thought of my old work and felt proud.

I can see Salamander gearing up to give us a chuckle soon.  He responds in surprisingly apt tones to my questions, smiles, and laughter.  He smiles with me.  Coos with my laughter.  Hopefully he'll enjoy looking out his window at the beauty around us too, because I'm about to go wash it to let in that strengthening spring light.


Anonymous said...

:) kisses

Honey said...

Congratulations to your beautiful family!

You have always been a beautiful writer, but there is something especially powerful and impacting about your recent posts- motherhood is doing your writing right.

Anyway, I know it's been many months since I was here, but it was lovely to catch up and I'm so very happy for you and Hadj and Salamander!

ShanaRose said...

Aw thanks Honey!!