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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Wee Wednesday Update

Problem Wordings

Words color our view of the world. Used carelessly, they can perpetuate old prejudices and preserve old stereotypes without our analytic mind even realizing it. In an effort to avoid this, we need to work hard to create a terminology that will help remove the semantic barriers to open-mindedness and understanding between cultures. As the industrial world extends its reach to what were once hidden pockets of the globe, the job of refining our language becomes more important than ever.
Childbirth Wisdom, Judith Goldsmith

I just love the above passage.  I haven't gotten into the meat of this book yet, that is, the above excerpt is from her preface, but I'm pretty excited to learn about the traditional practices of women in other cultures as related to childbirth.  Should be v. interesting!!

I've already given myself a reminder, and may do so again, that I am not, in fact, a woman living in a tribal setting.  I do not haul water and chop wood (regularly) or thresh fields.  Therefore, I must remember that I am not the women being described from the past (often from near-extinct traditional cultures) and must not expect to have their experiences exactly.  However, if I learn a new type of useful squat or pelvic tilt, fab.  

After a seriously productive day yesterday I was beyond exhausted last night.  This morning I was feeling less than zesty and realized I aught to take it a bit easier today.  Instead of doing cardio, I walked and played longer with the dogs.  Instead of writing in my journal, I began using Hadj's fancy digital SLR camera (excited about that!!).  And instead of sanding the first coat of varnish so that I can apply a second, I drove to a coffee shop for some cake and me time with my journal and colored pencils.  Also, I read a lot of new, fantastic women bloggers (see sidebar for additions!), and made this
It's called Squash and Chickpea Moroccan Stew and it's every bit as delicious (and so nutritious) as it looks, though mine didn't look exactly like that because I used Israeli couscous, which I am in love with. 

In other - pregnancy related - news, I had a talk with the babe-in-the-incubator and informed him or her that his or her arrival would be appreciated sometime on or before December's full moon (that'd be the 21st).  I'm awaiting a response. (!!!!!)
The days can be characterized as up and down, energetically speaking.  I have a good amount of energy early in the day but begin a slow crash around 1 or 2 PM.  This is usually characterized by low back pain, low abdomen pressure, and general sluggishness.  I'm experiencing cramps in my right foot that have convinced me to eat at least one banana a day.  And drinking enough water is totally worth the four or five trips to the toilet per hour.  
...You non-moms can't wait to get pregnant now, amiright?
I'm much less hormonally emo this week than I was last (phew!).  However, the villainous carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms that characterized my first trimester has returned in both hands and with a vengeance.  I'm not sure what to do about it, so if any Moms reading have tips, please do send them my way.  My plan for this night's sleep is to get up and do something soothing if the pain keeps me grimacing and awake in bed.  It's emotionally easier to pamper this affliction than it is to try and tough it out.     
Also, WHEE! Hadj and I are going to my third, and probably final, ultrasound tomorrow morning!  Our baby is now 14 weeks older than when I last saw lil' S. in utero.  I'm nearing the day on which I will tell the OB I've been seeing that I'm leaving her for a midwife, and honestly, I'm really looking forward to doing that.  My experience with her has been exactly what I expected, which is to say, not great.  It's not her, it's the system that raised her.  I'm sure she's a lovely, supportive, and smart lady, but sometimes she says some really dumb shit that is aligned with the pathology seeking machine that she works for and places no importance on me, the mother and human being carrying the child they so urgently want to technologically intervene on behalf of.  
...Hmm...whoops! That was meant to be a moment of excitement and it turned into a paragraph-preview of my "Western Medicine" rant.  So...
YAY! I get to see Salamander (on TV) tomorrow!!!
A strangely hypocritical post-script to that rant, no?


Did I mention the digital SLR?  I'm entirely stoked about that.  I really love taking photos.  I hope I can start posting them here, there, everywhere, soonish.  I got a few of the "lil room" (nursery) this morning, and can I just say? That room is coming together nicely.  In fact, everything is.  

This morning was amazing looking.  I am so thankful, so happy, so present to my life right now I feel I can do anything I imagine.  More on that another time.  Right now, my back is saying, lay down lady, put your feet up.   

Much love.


Anonymous said...

This is going to perhaps sound so random, but i came across your blog while googling my favorite book, Book of Qualities, by J, Ruth Gendler. I have lent it to a friend who is not longer one and i REALLY need an excerpt for a friend. This is going to sound perhaps kind of strange but from one momma to another, one soulful lover of life to another, could you possibly, please consider sending me the text to the FAITH excerpt? I need to immediately include it in a letter of dire importance.
Just a shot across the land in hopes you may help.

Peace, Dori
In deep appreciation...

ShanaRose said...

Hey Dori (love that name, by the way),

Thanks for the request, but I haven't been able to find the excerpt you seek so far. I don't own the book in question, but borrowed it from my therapist at the time. Have you tried your library? Or even the local book store where you could copy the excerpt?

rawqueen said...

Greetings Shana Rose. Here is to an effortless, nurturing, soul finding birth. One Love and many blessings to you, your family and your blog...