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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Before I Wrote this I Drew a Seal

I had a quietly empty feeling day. How can emptiness feel so weighty? I felt I was betraying myself today - somehow.  Not doing "the work" I deeply feel I need. It was a day of baby-ing.

So, what is "the work"?

Work for my body's strength and my mind's courage; exercise and stamina building. For laboring.


Work for my serenity and patience. Meditation on my breath, my ability to stay grounded -or- seated within. To not panic, but breathe.
Work for my inner light, my creative force. Drawing, stretching, doing toward a goal. To feed my soul good food, to let the bird in me twitter loudly in joy.

If the answers come easily does that make them superficial?

Only by doing the work do I trust.
Only by working will I know.
Hi-ho then. And
the sun'll come out

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