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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Opposite of Long Is?

Apparently I'm incapable of reading any books unless they are about pregnancy or parenting right now.  That, along with my hour long enjoyment of Loreena McKennitt yesterday, have me more in awe of what is about to happen to me.  This isn't meant to be a long post, sitting at Hadj's desk (the only desk with a working computer) turns me lethargic and I tend to try to avoid it, but I couldn't refuse a quick kind-of update.

I'm in my final trimester and all sorts of really exciting things are falling into place.  We know where we're having the baby, we've begun our natural childbirth method classes, I'm talking to, and knowing more and more about, the baby inside me.  Also, more and more, I'm wondering what parts of me will come out and shine when I've become a parent.  I've always been a pretty contradictory person, with many unconventional proclivities, and those seemingly divergent interests are as "in focus" as ever.  I've sort of decided to let the little kid tell me when the time is right to finally plunge in and dye my hair that platinum-purple combo I've dreamt of for years.  I'm thinking about unschooling, and hearing more and more about ascended masters and the predicted impacted of the coming generations on our collective consciousness.  Also, I watched a pretty cool documentary about crop circles last week (it was free at the library!). Sometimes all my "out there," weirdness tendencies overwhelm the part of me that tried to blend in or hide for so many years, which is to say I sometimes feel like a total whackadoo.  Then my inner six year old chimes in: "Hey! You wanted to move to the west coast for a reason lady!"  I keep a sense of humor about it and try to continue rolling with the (comic) punches.

I know I haven't been writing much (see aforementioned excuse re: the writing desk) and for that I am aggrieved.  However, I'm also in full-scale nesting mode and this house has a never ending list of to-do's whereas I have a never ending need to sit down and take a break.  I've updated my reading list in the sidebar and hope to be back writing more, about recipes, discoveries, internal exploration, and random excitement (not to mention the occasional reference to sex!) soon.

P.S.  As I continue to wonder about parenting I've found one thing I'm really sure of: I'll be a great story teller to my child.

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