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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Loving What's in the Air

It's Subterranean Fire: The Extreme Makeover Edition!  I've retained much of my old color schemes, updated some of my "favorite post" side bars (now at left) and dropped off a few gadgets that either were too cumbersome or led to unneeded self-scrutiny based on the popularity system of "google friends."  Another of those aforementioned cumbersome features is this thing down here where you get to click to tell me if you think my post is "useful, funny, or interesting."  I'm not sure how I feel about your ability to poll -or, even worse, not poll- my subject matter, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get rid of it at this time, and so it stays.

I also want to fancy up that header picture, add an About Me page, and separate pages for my own favorites.  Eventually I'd also like to make the sidebars more visually stimulating with picture links instead of all that text.  I'm pretty sure y'all are salivating to click that "interesting" box now! Aren't cha?

I guess my blog's not the only one getting a makeover of sorts.  As I mentioned earlier this week, I've revamped my daily schedule (in training for, as I've come to think of them, "mommy-marathon days") and I've also, thanks to this stylish new mom and blogger, really been inspired to getting all dolled up on any old day, just because it feels so good.

Yesterday evening the rain stopped for the first time in days and I took a much needed walk around our lovely wooded yard with the playful doglies.  It felt so good to be standing out there in the clean, crisp air! It also made me realized that
A.) damn, I live on a Great piece of property!
B.) geez, I feel really good when I'm outside!
C.) holy wah, this yard needs a lot of work!

I began dreaming of future renovation details to make it a fairy yard land.  When Hadj got home he heard my ideas and I heard his, there are a lot of logistical flows to be tackled that are pretty important.  This piece of land has never been used with the intent for landscaped lounging and entertainment, but for goats, dogs, and chickens.  While I adore all three of those endeavors, they're not what I dream about.  I dream about laying in the grass with my little one, cloud creature watching, and running around behind hedges that hide the street, in our own beautiful little green bubble.  I dream about flowers, frogs, fairies, and gardens, all sloping gently from the geodome, down to the fire theater, the studio, and finally the house.  Ah, fairytale, how I love thee.  Thumbelina, you really did a number on my psyche all those years ago. 

Then of course reality came in, all mud, and pine needles, and effort.  It's not so bad.  I opined to Hadj that the repositioning of hundreds of pounds of earth in order to re-route the natural flow of the rainwater should be done with the aid of a team of professionals (unless we've made enough miraculous friends to help us D.I.Ourselves by then).  I joked about the idiot who placed the house in, not just the lowest usable part of the property, but the part that all rainwater flows directly TO (aka: our front door). And then I wished for $10,000 so we could just get it done in one season. 

Regardless of all that real-logistical business, which I don't mind much either, I sure do love love love the fairy-tale dream land my mind effortlessly creates.  And I really really really love the trust I've gained in my ability to make dreams real.  I mean, geez, after reading so many posts (see: City Work Stories or Stories About Healing at left) in which I dreamt so hard for a fairy tale to land in my lap; after re-reading the desperation I felt then, and re-revelling in the joy I have now, it's easy to see that the sun always comes out after the rain and the air always feels fresher then.  Just like it does now.

P.S.!  Only two months 'til I'm a mama!!

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