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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Getting My Feet Wet on the Rainy Season

I got an idea for a poem while out walking the dogs yesterday.  I haven't written anything remotely close to poetry in a long time.  Last I can remember was trying to poetically describe the waves I felt I was riding when I first met up with Hadj.  I have been getting urged toward poetry lately by my friend Anna, which feels nice and like a challenge, but it's not coming out easily.  I told her earlier today, and I think this is common sentiment among amateur poets/writers, that it's harder by far to write poetry when you're feeling grateful or happy, which I am. 

But I didn't feel like cleaning our art room any more so I gave my hand at the ideas.  It turned into a prose-like meditation, which any attempt I make at poetry often does.  I stopped before finishing and well, there I am.  And, god, it's rainy.  And Hadj is working.  And I'm just ho-humming it up today, it seems.  I'm actually bordering on feeling bored!  Boredom is not an emotion I often feel, which is good because I'm not a fan of it one bit.  The rainy season.  I feel half lidded.  So, just saying.  Here are some pretty images of cozy, rainy day things.  Seeking inspiration and sharing it with you. 

posie gets cozy: perfect craft ideas blog for this weather
sweet, cozy, bright work studio! mmmm beelieve
drop the antlers, add some more prints and seat me here with a blanket and a good book!     

Happy Halloween Everyone!
By the way, I do expect I'll perk up soon.  Tonight we're going to a post-apocalypse Halloween party and I'm wearing a dress I made out of plastic bags.  I think Hadj is going to be a cockroach or something. 

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