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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Somewhat of an August Run-Down

Yikes!  A new month again?  I'm just back from a two week trip to Colorado to visit with Hadj's family branches.  The week prior to those two we hosted a good friend visiting from Chicago.  August basically didn't exist in any normal way for me. Since I'm rusty, how's about a quick game of catch up?

I'm officially more than half way done baking the bun in my oven!  This halfway mark seems to have marked also the return of my self-empowerment and confidence.  At the very least, I'm not feeling as weepy or confused as I was in months three and four.

The fall weather is returning again and I actually was quite happy to return to the gray, cool, rainy-ness of home.  I was also abundantly happy to find out how much I missed home and tiny little Belfair town.

I saw a psychic for the first time ever.  It was pretty freaking awesome.  Get me some motivation and I'll get you some stories on that.

I need a massage, dear lawd I need a massage: twice a month by a professional in a soothing, zen-like setting.  I'm wondering how to make that happen on a very tight budget.  Pregnancy is rough on your body! Especially when you forget your healthy habits due to hormone induced insanity (and laziness).

This has turned out not to be the year for me to garden in the PacNW.  For one thing the growing season has been more out of whack than normal (lots more rain and cool temps all the way into July) and for another I haven't been the most focused of worker bees.  We've garnered approximately five "sugar-plum" cherry tomatoes from one of our four plants.  Also, the slugs ate all the onions, the chard is approximately one inch tall, and the carrot and radish "patch" was overrun by weeds while old seeds put the kibosh on more than half the seeds sown anyway.  Oh well.  I've fortunately been provided with more black berries than I can reach and two plum trees carrying tart yellow and sweet red plums.  Thanks, Mother Nature!

Today Hadj and friend Jeff are constructing the shelving unit that will house our audio-visual equipment and records and has a handy "shoe pooka" unit that will make a nice dividing half wall from the entry-way to the living room.  Meanwhile, I installed closure latches in the two bathroom cabinets.  Hooray for home improvement!

On the flight to Colorado I was mysteriously granted some kind of upgrade which gave me five extra inches of leg room (don't knock it! it really felt different!) and free television on the entire flight.  I promptly became unabashedly addicted to Bravo TV's Rachel Zoe Project.  High Fashion Reality Drama?!  I'm so in.

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pulley-whipped said...

I definitely want psychic stories. Plz2share.