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Thursday, June 3, 2010

We Make the Show

Today seems like a great day to share some titillating news.  It does so because I have been on a hormone high that one mom referred to as like "riding a roller-coaster blindfolded."  It has been such a great day that I might as well start my telling of it at the beginning. 

Hadj was up and at 'em early.  Before I had found my bathrobe, cereal, and morning dose of social networking he was done with one set of work and onto the bathroom next door.  That man does love reworking a bathroom.  (I fear I'll start to say "bless him" after that kind of statement.  Oh, he loves his pomade, bless him.)

So, I'm facebookin' and crunching away.  I'm watching the clock tic closer to 9:00.  That's when I have to leave if I'm going to make it to yoga at Harmony Hill.  It's 8:56 by the time I go look for my yoga pants.  I'm thinking, as I see myself drag-ass, WTF, Shana?  I open my dresser drawers.  Got my sports bra, my yoga pants, my black...  Where's my black shirt?  Where?  It's not under these leggings, I just organized this drawer.  Where is my black shirt? It's perfect! 

So, here, when I'm already two sentences beyond the point of having "should have" looked for some other top, I begin to really believe I can't go to yoga in any other shirt. It just won't do. 

And not only that, but this is just like my other favorite shirt, the long purple and gray striped shirt!  I love that shirt!  Where aaaare theeeeyyeeeeee!!!!

I take the next obvious action and involve Hadj.  This is his battle too!  Someone is stealing all my favorite Target tee-shirts!

He seems bewildered.  He has just come over from his table saw to grab some lunch and a g'bye kiss from me.  He is wiping sawdust from himself and suddenly I'm whining like a sick fourteen year old about a shirt. 

Finally, I put on another shirt and see the time.  "It's 9:11! I'll never make it! I can't go!!

"Yes!! Yes you can!" encourages Hadj.  I guess that he's thinking, get out of here, crazy woman! but I say nothing.  I do, however, pout harder.

A few minutes later I sulk out of the house and into the car.  But I never make it to the yoga class.  Nope. 

At the insurance place down the road (see me talking "country"?) I see that I have six minutes to cover what usually take thirty minutes.  But I keep driving.  I decide I'll go for that nice two mile hike at Twanoh instead.  I drive to Twanoh and take a ninety minute nap in the driver's seat.  I was out of the car for about thirty seconds, all told.  Then I just drove back home. 

Since I don't have any witty commentary about that behavior, let me say that I did feel better.  Then I tried to pick a fight with Hadj.  Then I saw the clouds drift away a bit as I drove to work.  I felt better, and terribly sorry for being such a fart.  Then I was laughing.  Then I felt miserly and cold.  Etc.

If I may interject here:
The above paragraph is constructed with adjectives describing feelings.  I have a knack for doing that.  It's all due to inner feelings that are not connected to goings-on with/of the other human beings around me.  Confusing.  And, apparently, very pregnant! 

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