This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine...

Friday, April 30, 2010

What's Going On: Last Monday Morning Pages

I have Lilies of the Valley and Forget Me Nots in a vase on my table.  I chopped kindling, started a good fire.  Now Hadj is here to fix the writing desk.  *smile*

I now have a writing desk.  It face the entrance.  Faces South.  The crackling fire is at my back.

I listened to "It's Not Easy Being Green" yesterday.  It's a collection of quotes from Jim Henson, his characters, and colleagues.  It was inspiring.  Now - this morning I feel more unsure.  I am trying to recall a connection and my inspiration.  I feel I have bled off the a lot of energy for others' sakes and the sake of my home.  That is for the sake of me too, then.  I think, though, I am having a hard time recalling something.  I am even wondering what that thing might be.

According to the audio, Jim wanted to leave the world a better place.  He certainly did so, too.  What do I, or can I, do to improve the world my way?  His great interest was the positive power of possible in television.

Mine is....what?  Books?  Teaching?  Letters?  Language?  I feel I could give a lot to children's literature... Over all...

I am unsure.  I want to lay back and silently be.  Wait.  Not contemplate, but wait for some answer.

On the other hand that does not seem to be the answer either. 

So--what have been my stated goals?  Debt freedom, learning and the pursuit of discovery, teacher training, writing, and travel.  That my not be the order. 

I think the fire needs a stir.  And my toes are cold.  And I want a tarot reading...

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dog Poem

Dog energy
What was that?
Being drawn in
by deepest
brown eyes
down pointed snout
and back drawn ears.
Felt almost vampiric!
Her unending brown
I closed my eyes.
Put myself in perspective
Found my breath inside

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Coming Back to the River: Wednesday Morning Pages

"Have a good day at work," I said and kissed Hadj.  He walked back toward the house to prepare for his day of brick laying and earth moving.  I walked up the hill to my dome.  I have some morning pages to write.

I can feel my inspiration warm and ooze like sap out here.  My imagination follows the crows' arguing and the flames licking the air.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

And the Conch Ran Away with the Spoon

In Skinny Legs and All, by Tom Robbins, there is a philosophizing bean can, a cantankerous used sock, an ancient conch, and a mystical, yet submissive, dessert spoon.  There are other, normally animate characters with stories too, and enough motifs to inform me that I can't quickly sum up the book for you now and still write the general blog-confessional that I have planned.  Adding to my general coyness is this teeny hour of the day, which seems overtly ridiculous, for such a self-centered announcement.  But, I suppose you "takes whats you gets."  Rather than follow my initial impulse, to use Robbins's motifs and over-arching theme as an existing framework on which to set my own "epiphany" writing, let me give you a quick one liner, by way of segue:  "illusions that obscure humanity's view of the true universe fall away, one by one, like Salome's veils."

In the book there is an act that spurs the humans (and bean cans, socks, and spoons) to wake up, or to "let the veils drop." It is the sensual long-dance of a skinny legged girl in the lounge of a restaurant owned by an Arab and a Jew which is situated across from the New York U.N. headquarters...

However, I want to write less about that book, and more about me and my so-called life veils...