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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Unwoven Spirit Knowing Sketch

Ever since I was a very little girl I have unconsciously desired to be with the spirit world most of the time.  All my day dreaming took me to the spirit world.  All my alone time, my reading, my staring off blankly, took me to the spirit world which then contained little more than nursery rhyme and images of picturesque natural expanses.

Knowing comes to me now, when I am in this spirit world.  I understand now that I have desired too much time in that ethereal plane.  I have been neglecting the human world in which my body resides.

The last few days have provided a wealth of knowing for me.  One idea in particular seems to have finally hit home, a year after I first heard it.  One year ago I visited a friend of mine to talk about and facilitate energy work.  I fashioned myself as the student, eager and unknowing.  My friend had two of her colleagues over and their varied gifts were somewhat beyond me.  They seemed supernatural, sometimes unbelievable, and containing of a mystery very enticing to me.  I looked up to them and wanted to suck up all the information I could to take with me and deepen my understanding of the invisible powers that work the world.  The three women stood in a semi-circle around me at once, as I sat in a chair waiting to receive. 

"It's like your trying to leave this plane!" one woman exclaimed.  I sort of blushed and smiled shyly.  "Yes," another might have said, "you are very in the spirit world."
I know! I know! I thought to myself, with a mix of pride and awareness.  Then they grew momentarily serious.  They told me I needed to be here more, that this is where I belong.

All the sense I could make of it, at the time, was that I was too much with my head in the clouds; too much day dreaming. 

What I wanted to receive was validation that I could do it too; that is channel and move energy.  That the feelings I had were real and that I too possessed the gifts of healing.  I remember that day being very positive for me.  I got all the validation I wanted and felt assured that I could follow the path I felt called to and succeed.

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