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Monday, March 22, 2010

Sprouting: Parasite Purge Embarcation

The time has finally arrived with the spring equinox; we're embarking today on the parasite purge recommended in Healing with Whole Foods.
The recommended diet is based on one for people with severe candida imbalances.  This turns out to mean that the list of what we "can't" eat seems much longer than the list of what we can eat.  No more animal products: dairy, eggs, cheese, ice cream.  No more sugars, starchy vegetables, very few fruits, almost no bread.  What we will be eating a lot of are whole grains and grain sprouts, beans and their sprouts, cabbage, carrot, radish, celery, grapefruit; many of the sour and bitter flavors in the traditional Chinese medicine methods.  We're back to the raw rice for breakfast for a few days, which is meant to clear out a blocked colon where many parasites lay dormant waiting for your immune system to get low so they can thrive.  Many naps are expected.

I did have enough energy this morning, it being the very first few hours and all, to tack on another half mile in my morning run.  That feels incredible.  I can feel so much energy clearing as I do all this body work that it's almost unbelievable.  My dreams have been more frequent and vivid as well.  Many of them seem to be about this fear of being forgotten by my friends in the Midwest, which is interesting to me to behold.

The spiritual component of committing to this parasite purge cannot be underestimated, but regularly writing about such spiritual efforts and journeys tires me out at times, so I'm going to leave the next one to the author of this temporary diet/balance bible:
Healing Reactions
    Healing reactions present an opportunity to go back through everything not previously resolved in one's life.  We carry our entire personal histories in our bodies.  Every injury that did not heal fully--whether physical, emotional, or mental--must be made right.  All obstructions, toxins, aberrations, and pain must be cleared in a total healing.
The nature of a reaction indicates which phase of life is being healed. The reactions feel similar to the original disease or emotional trauma, but usually appear in a diminished form.  If the reaction is an emotional discharge of anger, the feelings surrounding the discharge will remind one of anger earlier in one's life, even though the present anger may be "caused" by different circumstances.  Physical discharges are also reminders of old conditions. If chronic sore throats occurred during childhood, a healing reaction could involve one or two sore throats that would eliminate any residues that accumulated from the original infection(s).
    Certainly everyone wants healing reactions to be minimal or non-existent. According to traditional Japanese medicine, however, if there is no meigan (healing reaction), there is no cure. Most reactions involve the body's purging itself of toxins. The outward manifestations of this elimination may be severe or moderate, depending on the skill involved in regulating the process.
The liver abrasion of two years ago, two decades of self hatred, the chronic ignorance of my body's messages, the knee injury from high school, the mouth trauma from my six year old summer, they're all on the operating table now and each is coming up in its own way.  The gentleness I talked about a few posts back is even more important right now.  If I can remember to be gentle and accepting of whatever comes my way, I will have a much easier time doing this.  By opening up to the possibilities and accepting that some of this might be painful or at least irritating, I am also opening up to all the success that I can imagine.

And to all the naps I think I might need.

We're only halfway through our first day of "straight edge," as we're also nixing the stand-by chemicals we rely on to make life more easily navigated.  My limbs do feel much heavier due to general reliance on 8 - 16 oz. of coffee per day, and there's a bit of pressure in my head.  The tobacco was pretty much already out of my system, but quitting the herb will a bit more challenging when I'm feeling frustrated, stuck, or un-creative.  No more beer or wine, no more candy or salami. 

But for all our focus on what is not there, we can't help but be alight on the ideas of what is.  Letting go, is there.  Bravery, propels us.  Humble perseverance run through us.  Desire is burning in our bellies too.  If I want purple sparkly wings they are mine to have.

 Postscript: Thanks to Ammie's cookbook, I do expect to enjoy at least one or two great candida diet approved meals. 

photo credits: the grocer*s photostream on flikr
Interestingly named, Book Sherpa
Obviously hardcore, The Pragmatic Denial


a said...

Hurrah! (hand claps)
And thanks for the shout-out. By the way, this is where I got most of my candida-friendly recipes:
And if you want anything you remember hearing about from any of those dinners, hit me up. I think I still know where most of the recipes are, or how to make them.

ShanaRose said...

ooh! thanks for the recipe bank!!