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Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's Just Poetry Now

Hello beloveds, thanks for coming back again today.  I sure do enjoy your company.  I'm rearranging some things, trying to make my pages more handsome to behold.  I'm re-organizing the sidebar categories and have begun with the Poetry, Prose & Healing section.  The section has been drastically cut, and now includes only Poetry which I have written.  Look below to see excerpts from some of the poems, then click on over if the line appeals to you.  Remember, you can link me anywhere, I like the public.  Ciao, ShanaRose in her Admin Hat

Ancient. Community where I Text
"...Listening in wet green sapling grove. Burnt out car. Rocks buried in chocolate mud. Life laid like a path..."

 Whatever I Wanted
"...Shoulders squared to one another / And pelvis I imagined slicking / over..."

 Wasp Frosts
"...I am willful as a wasp and just as / fragile in the frosts of a void."

Oranges in the Break Room
"...the orange was allowed to / live on its stem, at home among / the leaves and branches / in the wind..."

Might Be Is Too
"...Begged / the concrete tunnel, with its rails of steel and beams, / to crack deeply down to sediment..."

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Anonymous said...

It's good to chew, but why do you need to eat raw rice to do it?

ShanaRose said...

Why, thank you for asking! (so excited you did)

The rice is a "key therapy" to the parasite purge we're doing. here's what the author, Pitchford, has to say: "Eating raw rice deeply cleanses the intestines, removing impacted residues that shelter parasites."
Hadj says it acts like sandpaper in him. (Damn men and their speedy metabolisms...)

The parasite purge is part of our Good Clean Livin campaign. We are having interesting results, which I would happily write about if anyone were to express interest (dot) (dot) (dot)

ShanaRose said...

...Aaaand I feel like posting this in case it's not clear - when he says "deeply cleanses the intestines" he means, get rid of a lot of old, unhealthy shit.
"Like bubblegum," Hadj says.
"Bubblegum you ate when you were 8."