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Friday, January 8, 2010

Chewing Myself Out

Recent, heretofore, unmentioned developments in my extraordinary daily life.  You heard it here first folks: Chewing your food is the new South Beach diet.  About to take Hollywood by storm.  Get your umbrellas Brangelina!

Seriously though, according to Paul Pitchford, author of Healing with Whole Foods, chewing your food a million times per bite rectifies most imbalances and cravings from the ground up.  (Damn!  I wish I knew who writes these puns!) 
In that mien Hadj and I each have eaten one quarter cup of uncooked rice every morning for a week.  In addition to really wanting pancakes or biscuits and gravy, I have cut my food intake by at least 33% and can feel old, old, old toxic waste sites beginning to break up.  Thank you self-healing body!  During yoga two days ago it sounded like an ice shelf fell off a glacier inside my stomach.

Apparently chewing your food helps you gather all the nutrients from it, helps your digestive system work more efficiently, and boosts the oxygen intake in your system.  The other component to this new wave Chewing diet is oxygen.  It's the key to vitality!

For the record, I'm not super enjoying the rice mushing every morning.  However, it does keep me busy for a half hour and I do not feel hungry until about two hours have passed.  I'm totally building sexy new jaw muscles, but I also have to remember not to make a phone call right after stuffing my gullet with the hard little crunchies.  Remembering to chew yummier food like lunch and dinner a million times is a bit more of a challenge, since I've apparently been operating under the chew-1-2-3-swallow edict for all my life.  I'm getting better at remembering though, and Hadj is helpful as ever with reminders.  If this all sounds weird to you, you should experiment!  Just see how many times you chew next time you're eating.  Chances are, it's not enough.  If you think about your digestive system as starting externally, or in your mouth, it's seems to make it easier to understand the benefits.  Breathing down a bunch of mush has got to be easier than breaking down a cube of cheese swallowed in hungry excitement.  Also, this has done wonders for my regularity.  You can almost set your watch to me for the first time ever.

We're making more progress on getting our Good Clean Livin' Calendar adjusted to fit reality.  What has me most amped is the writing time scheduled, four to five hours a day.  There is a counter side to that, which is that I am not actually independently wealthy and must go back to work to pay my bills.  I have scored a three week assignment doing data entry in Seattle.  I interviewed for survey administration originally.  I would have been riding the ferries for 8 hours a day asking people to take surveys, which sounded potentially interesting.  I narrowed my availability though, and they went with someone more desperate openly available.  They called me back yesterday and reversed their rejection by asking me to do data entry!  Which is not exciting in and of itself, but the "Huzzah!" for income and newness. 

I'm going to look to the next book I'm newly reading, The Artist's Way, for practical advice on how to keep up my bigger writing schedule while away from my home/office/studio 11 hours a day.  I'm also going to really focus on the fact that it's majorly temporary and I shall get through it optimistically.

I turned in the application for my dream library aide job on Tuesday and continue to harvest positive thoughts about my success there.  A final note in the job litany; I have an interview with the United Way chapter for my county.  I remember being genuinely interested about the job when I sent my resume, but I can't quite recall the job description now.  I'm really hoping that they and the library want to hire me and I'll have my pick.  Now there's a dilemma I can deal with!

Hadj's painting is developing in a great way and his found paintbrush is doing him right.  Yesterday I had the pleasure of getting posed for four hours for the benefit of his painting.  I truly enjoy being a muse around these parts.

My gratitude is back and for that I am thankful.  This winter is going to be very exciting.  I have seen that the most important thing that will happen is my expenditure of time giving myself the mother I always wanted so I can put thoughts of the mother I wish I didn't have to rest.  Please Note! I'm speaking about metaphorical "mothers" here.  I haven't wished I had a different mother since I was 12 and even then I loved the one I got.  This has less to do with real human beings and more to do with raising myself up.  While I am joyous to be giving my creativity the attention it deserves I am also aware that my creative streak is a very childlike one (with no concept of time - to boot).  I am learning how to impart learning to that inner child in a way that is nurturing and encouraging, rather than tyrannical and invalidating.  I'm using the scenes from Kill Bill 2, "Chapter 8: The Cruel Tutelage of Pai Mei," as my inspiration.  I say to myself: it takes hard work to achieve your dreams and I want you to achieve them.  Thank god for me that my dream is not to hunt and kill 5 would be assassins.


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