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Monday, December 14, 2009

Connect the Links

If you look to the right of today's post you'll notice a new gidget/gadget/widget/whatsihoosie. This fancy new dohickie will allow you to do two things with your blog-reading efficiency: you can essentially "friend" me and my blog which helps you and I build a networking community across geographical boundaries and your blog (should you write one and write it on blogger) "dashboard" will contain my most recent posts. It's like a G-reader, but right in your blog's dashboard.

I'd like to sound more authoritatively informed on the pros and cons of Friend Connect, but rather than taunt you with long winded bullshit that's hard to decipher, I'll be honest: it's easy and it doesn't hurt. Also, it's FREE! And it looks nice in my blog sidebar that I have friends and might start a domino effect of friendliness. So in the spirit of getting free things that are easy and don't hurt (how often do get that offer?) go ahead and friend me! I'll friend you back if I'm able and we'll all read late into our respective nights, learning, exchanging, growing with each other no matter how far apart.

Friend me. It'll be fun, or at least, it won't not be fun. My aim in adding this additional networking device is to get the healing word and engaging stories out there to people who might not find it elsewhere, and to add to the lives of those who do. I never knew my life mission would become "to help people," but it has, and this is one of the new ways I'm doing it.

How can I help you? Well, how I may help you will vary and depend solely on what kind of help you're looking for. If you want help understanding how to cope with unexpected viral infections, you may find it here. If you happen to be seeking understanding into your girlfriend's thought patterns, you may find an answer here. If you want to know why women go crazy in the dark months, you'll find help to it here. And so on. Friend me, I'm the sweetest, least fattening, cyber friend you'll have.


pulley-whipped said...

it's weird that it doesn't automatically link to your blogger account.

and that it shares your information with the "public"...hmm

pulley-whipped said...

oh, nevermind. i figured it out. :)

ShanaRose said...

It's based on your existing accounts with Google, Yahoo, Aim or even Twitter. Glad you figured it out and Thanks for being my friend in so many ways!

Mary Francis Farmer said...

I'm sure I'll be showing my age to admit that I don't get it. BUT I like that I'm the 3rd. I have a serious soft spot for threes.

ShanaRose said...

Oh I love threes too Mary (and I like that you have three names too). Thanks for playing along despite the pros being unclear for now!! I seriously appreciate your support :)