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Monday, November 2, 2009

Ffiery Mmaple

The feldspar windchime tinkled itself and Rain slanted toward muddy green Grass. River swam in the background.
I was trying to describe, "--it's my mind/body disconnect. I don't imagine blood and bones, sinew and guts, inside. I imagine a cave..."
Wind sang a song then and made Sun-yellow Maple Leaves sway while wide hanging Blue Spruce bounced. Not a forest, I decided, then continued thinking outloud,

"...on a black background -- and -- just a cartoon, 'u' shaped, opening where, inside, my little girl waits. By a fire."
Made with three logs, I imagine, red, orange, and yellow colored pencil --

"She's not scared. She just asks, 'why go out there and get criticized?' You know? So she just sits..."
and I stop to feel, thinking, maybe she's down near my upper intestine, or is she to the left in my spleen? My last three spoken words ring down: she just sits, she just sits, she just sits and I know she is not bitter, mad, hurt, or angry. Maple lights fires in my eyes and Blue Spruce dances gaily with Wind.

"What a beautiful day" I say then, seeing that she looks like Shiva, sitting, -- Eyes closed, Hands folded, Third Eye. I am hiding most of my internal updraft then, but inside the black background is lightening. She is coming out of her cave with her benevolent smile. My only gift is a soft laugh at the inside joke, "I'm gonna go inside and get to work."

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