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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kaleo: the Core Cosmic Dharma of Venus

What I think is more interesting is that the focus of men's desires and responses were identified as being so narrow. I don't hold it as a virtue that men succeed at knowing what turns them on, within a very narrow range; it could be that both their minds and their bodies are shut down to the rest of reality that they don't think interests them, but which might, were they more open. Evolutionary roles differ as well: when you hunt an animal, you must be aware of the environment to the extent that you listen to the birds and don't fall off a cliff, but that's all designed to help you focus on one goal. This includes the goal of pursuing a woman, often described by both men and women as a kind of hunt.

Planet Waves: Kaleo: Venus Unbound by Eric Francis
Finally! Someone else backing Dr. E's serotonin/hunter/gatherer theory!

In the above quote, Eric Francis is writing a response to the NY Times report, called "What Do Women Want?" that generated a bunch of attention early this year. The report focused on a study that was looking at a "new generation of female sex researchers who are studying the mysteries of female desire, or trying to" according to Francis. Francis in turn, in his weekly "Astrology News" article on his site Planet Waves, responds with a breadth of information that makes my head light up like any good biophilic woman. (Biophilia is coined by Francis to mean "being turned on by life itself" which the study negates and which Francis disputes.)

He closes his response to the article, and to the current state of affairs at large with this encouraging observation:
Shutting down will not work, is not working. We need more sensitivity, not less. We need to focus on goals, but not at the expense of reality. And we need to consciously embrace the chaos that is gradually enveloping us. How do we call to the chaos with love, and not try to delete it, filter it out or stick it in a folder? How do we engage the chaos -- perhaps as a creative source?

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