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Friday, July 17, 2009

It's Been a Month Since I Wrote This; It Is As Is

I am excitable and tend to be impatient. That being said, the unofficial news is that I'm moving to the woods surrounding Seattle; to Hadj. I need this to happen by October. How will I make it happen? A whole lot of positive thinking, some worry probably, and searching for ways to make and save more money constantly. That's not the point. The point is I'm Moving Away from Chicago! My goodness gracious.

I moved here just before my 24th February birthday. I thought that I'd stay for 3-5 years; it'd be my post-college finding my feet time, and I thought the same approximate amount of time allotted would be a nice balance. I seem to have known what I would do even before I knew what I was doing. With my leaving Chicago I will be embarking on the biggest adventure yet. I've never lived that far from home before. I've never lived outside the Midwest or away from the Great Lakes (which, by the way, if the apocalypse looks like it's falling slowly (or catastrophically) on us, I'm going to need to be back by those fresh water havens). Not only am I leaving the prairie, meat, cheese, wheat, HOMES acronym behind me, I'm leaving a life. It's breathtaking.

I realized that I was really going to miss it the other day. It felt scary. It felt exhilarating. It feels right. I don't have a big plan, just "get there" then "figure it out together." Here's what I know:
I won't be working in the office world full time, unless I'm a big proponent of the environment I'm working for and in, for more than 5 more years. I will make my way out of the cubicle because I simply do not thrive in a cubicle and what the hell is the point of life if not to thrive boys and girls?! Again, this is frightening and exciting. My contradictory nature is one containing a need for stability but also a need for frequent, rapid change. Office life has provided something I really needed for awhile. I was making myself sick worrying about money and insurance and careers for quite some time after college. Then I was making myself sick with desire to be in the artistic and natural and freaky worlds that nourish me. I've done a decent job of fostering a nice balance and now, of course, it's time to go.

Does everyone have this experience? Wherein you get to a new place, you get all settled in, things are going great, then just when it seems perfectly balanced you decide it's time to go. Makes sense I guess, get a good base and move from there. Move from there.

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