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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And some feeble-minded children in the kitchen have discovered tiny swallows on crutches that could pronounce the word love.

[An] institution can never excommunicate a spirit from its body. Cut the trees down. Believe the green stand is gone. Then walk among the stumps when the wind blows through and feel the phantom limbs bowing to what remains, what can never be destroyed.
We have forgotten the art of a living theology.[...]
We have forgotten that God's declarations are always heard, seen, and delivered through our own creative interpretations. Without language, we could not speak of God. We can never escape our own formulations, conjectures, translations. Religions begin as a salve to mystery, not a manifesto of truth. We too can interpret the truth and make it our own. It is our nature to question. It is our nature to create meaning and make myths out of our lives.
pp. 88 of Terry Tempest Williams's, Leap

I had to stop eating my dinner of avocado, cooked beans and tomatoes, and tortilla chips to get this to you. This. Thank you.

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