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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

gOddf*ckingbless the internet

I'm so wiped out right now. Here are some of my favorites from the first 100 tweets.

A twitter(tm): November 08 - January 09

Welcomes her blood wife, fuckin finally. Class matters. Inessential weirdness. Vagina Monologues. Survivor stories shared. Inability to get or stay turned on. Wonky. I resent when my ability to take advantage of a boring situation is restricted.

I want to bitch about trust but know that's dishonest. Also, [am] becoming increasingly smitten. Having not (really) fucked her (yet) is SO helpful for my peace of mind, at present. [Obama's] talking about clean energy to revitalize the jobs/economy/energy crises! I FUCKING LOVE WHEN HE TALKS CLEAN ENERGY TO ME!!!

Met this super cute flamboyant while on a possible date with a cute bi. Why is sex so confusing?

A vending machine with plain Jilberts milk in it. God I miss the U.P. already. LAKE SUPERIOR. Star light star bright here I come Marquette sky night. Forgot to take bike tool out of bag. When security pulled my bag to check it I said: careful it might explode. Then: I mean! Not that kind of explode! Socks! It's stuffed full!

A week after a nasty after-date conversation I bump into the perpetrator while off any routine path. We both make the UGH face and scurry away. Dreams this morning consisted of gay bath-house sex, southern mansion sex, chesty red heads and chain links.

What am I doing? I'm listening to my boss conduct a phone conference while reading blogs. Godfuckingbless the internet.

You're like a band-aid on my owie.

Being early has the advantage of exploration. Maybe if I start telling myself I'm content, or at peace, rather than lonely, I'll feel that way. At a diner with 1968 Ziggy cartoons on the wall. Bless you Chicago. A quiet over my life. I'll call it peace. The woods were this quiet. My home in the city. The morning commute should be a dance party. Labelle's Lady Marmalade would be on the playlist.

Walking, taking in an early Sunday, drinking hot tea, headed for the library. The stacks are salvation and depression a guilty sin. Damn. Library closed on Sundays. Sinner apparently cast into the fire.

"As a young boy I used to fantasize that I was a war hero. When I discovered how to masturbate I fantasized about making love, not war."

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