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Monday, June 29, 2009

Finding the Bliss through Body

I woke up anxious as a fox in a hen house today. It stayed with me, knotty, spiny, murky and cruel all morning. I went to yoga on my lunch, like I do every day. Today is the day where there's actually a teacher and, as I did some warm up hip openers while the rest of the participants came in, I told her I'd been anxious all day. We began with our legs up the wall and worked our way through many sun salutes with some variations. My chaturangas continue to improve (and my triceps continue to ache beautifully). My heart is opening, I am pulling it from the back of my body to the front. My energy is maturing. The universe is seasoning me for the long simmer ahead. I came out 45 minutes later positively re-done. My third eye had loosened and calmed. The lingering scent of lavender essential oil stayed cool in my cells. My namaste was heartier and more full of gratitude. I try to make it so every time.

I just told a co-worker that I would sing the gospel of yoga for hours if he wanted me to. "It's that good?" he questioned, not seeing the deep seriousness in my eyes as I smiled. I nodded, "it's that good."

Check out my sidebar to the right and find Hillary Rubin's name. She is probably more amazing than I can imagine, and so are her podcasts. I've been doing them on my own 4 - 6 times a week for about two months now. Every time I get tired of one, or see that I'm becoming to automatic in my practice of a routine I download another one and am wowed all over again. Check her out, she'll do you right good.

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