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Friday, April 24, 2009

No lack, no lack, but in our human minds

Let this earth become a heaven:
From the point of light within the mind of God,
The Earth hurling its roughhouse wills and lusters,
The Earth accruing poison—
Planet of joy, planet of crucifixion,
PiƱata destined to be smashed—
Ashes, ashes,
All the mirrors of heaven blackening, imagine:
No lack, no lack, but in our human minds—

Let the clematis become a prayer
As clouds and canon-flowers ready
Sweet unguents of pollen and rain,
As God bellows, and a wild cavalry of wind sweeps
Down from the houses of magic
Down from the houses of magic
Down from the houses of magic

The tenth section of his long poem "Down From the Houses of Magic" by Cyrus Cassells from Soul Makes a Path Through Shouting. Click the post link for more. Found on the ever inspiring, Harriet, Poetry Foundation's Blog.

And now, a synthesis:
For one giddy moment she felt that she had oriented herself at the interface of the visible and invisible worlds, that she was contemplating wholeness...
The sensation was short-lived, but while it lasted, Ellen Cherry seemed to hold something slippery by the tail. Slippery and altogether crucial. She couldn't quite identify it. She definitely couldn't analyze it. Instinctively, she realized that analysis would negate it. It seemed to be a kind of rapture, a rapturous essence that was available in all things if only one regarded them in a particular light. On a rational level, it made about as much sense as a whole deck of aces, yet it provided her with a fleeting joy so intense that the memory of it would comfort her for months to come and would drive from consideration any possibility of retreat or surrender.
The moment itself had passed, however. She needed to blow her nose again...(Robbins 273-4)

Perception and word games. Add sex to the mix and you have my three favorite kinds of game.

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