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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Moving from One Body of Water to Another

[A part of me knew] that for every positive image there was a pure and perfect negative, that right on the other side of the thin piece of paper called making things up, was a whole nother story, and that story was about learning to believe in the things that had been there all along.


[Intuition] is nothing more than the most likely juncture of the thing called will and the thing called chance.

from Moving from One Body of Water to Another
Waltzing the Cat, Pam Houston

I am not cynical enough for many people. I'm ok with this.


Kraxpelax said...

Personal announcement!

Forgive me not being exactly the Shy Guy, but I sincerely do feel I have something important to say.

Stay cool, it's heavy stuff.

Best wishes,
Peter Ingestad, Sweden

ShanaRose said...

Shameless promotion. Well...I'll allow it. This time.