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Monday, April 6, 2009

Knot in My Backyard

Hey... this is my 201st post. :)
And it's the start of the second quarter of the year.
And well, there's this from the brilliant Mr. Brezsny:

Aquarius Horoscope for week of April 2, 2009
Your IQ has crept up beyond its usual level, and may ascend even higher in the coming days. I suspect you're poised to erupt with a host of sharp insights, and maybe some brilliant analyses or strokes of genius as well. Why? How? It may have to do with the way the planets are massaging your brain chemistry. Or perhaps it's because you smell freedom, and your libido is boosting your intelligence with the enhancements that only the onset of exhilaration can provide. I recommend that you milk this gift for all it's worth. Don't waste time on trivial conquests like polishing off crossword puzzles or acing online personality tests. Try to solve the mystery of the ages, or at least your two knottiest problems.

"Knottiest problems"? That's fucking hilarious considering what my getting tied up on Friday led to on Saturday. Oh what a tangled web...

Ok, I'll stop with the inside pun/jokes for myself now. Thanks and good day.

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