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Saturday, February 28, 2009

One of Those Angry Poems

Here's one of those Angry Poems I've been talking about. Written February 24, 2005, untitled

How silly
to be afraid of the suburbs.
What's to be scared of?
There are good school systems
there. They care for our children,
feeding them knowledge,
the key to the future,
and partially hydrogenated,
dyed, sweetened and genetically
modified "chicken" nuggets,
while we are at work.

While we are hard at work,
collectively, 16 hours a day
(if you are fortunate enough to have
two guardians working full time),
standing in one place, lifting heavy
objects, functioning under white noise,
and complaints from people,
who obviously have more money
and somehow more time, bitch,
about entirely insignificant,
pampered, poncy shit.

The suburbs are so nice!
After working like a dog for
pennies from a billionaire you
get to slump in your nice
sedan, flip to your favorite
clearchannel - pop radio station
and zoom around at 30 miles
an hour, for at least 20 miles
through other suburbs
in traffic, to your beautiful,
very own home, in the suburbs.

Your subdivision is named after
a.) the natural landscape the developers
plowed up to build yours and 500
other families like yours houses or
b.) the people who once existed there,
in peace with the land; wisely.
(Before whitey came through, slaughtered
the innocents and ran the strong off.)

Ah yes. Consumerism, denial, ignorance,
fundamentalism, and apathy. Hooray.


Wow. Let me just say I have not altered the above poem any from it's original form, because really, there's no hope for it. I thought I'd put it up just so y'all could see what the heck I was referring to in my previous posts.

I really just started spewing out key words there at the end, didn't I??


Ojibway Migisi Bineshii said...

I love it! I have many poems like this. Anger is so very important. Anger is used for changed although sometimes we have to sit in in like a puddle of mud.

ShanaRose said...

"...sometimes we have to sit in it like a puddle of mud."

That is awesome, OMB. And thank you for the kind words.