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Thursday, January 8, 2009

This site rocks


First, this song (the link should take you to it), and how I "found" it is Beautiful. I was using Hypem, the site this post is named for, and there was a ad box on the right side of the screen that had a bunch of key words in a speech bubble graphic. The idea conveyed was, click on the word of your choosing (I chose 'serendipity') and get a song. How cool?

Second, Antony's voice is molasses and brown sugar and a sunny meadow warm breeze.

Third, look at Antony's bio from their website:

Hi, here are some things I am thinking about:
circles of light, the Arctic, witches, mammals, Samoa,
the slavery of addiction and viral late stage capitalism, woman power,
families treasuring their transgendered children,
the United Nations International Panel on Climate Change,
feral intuition and a global new two-spirit alliance,
forests, oxygen, carbon,
patriarchal religions and heirarchies that would rather catalyze apocalypse than admit
that centuries of male domination have almost destroyed us,
a feminist revolution might save our world

Right?? That's what I say when I couldn't agree more. I couldn't agree more with all of this. Lucky me, they'll be in Chicago on Feb. 12, maybe I can go.

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