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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Energetically Living with Intention

Hump day has always been my my favorite of the work week. Sure, Friday wins the prize, but it doesn't have Wednesday's character. I'm feeling the need to update. Things. Are. Good.

In November I had my first energy healing session and was freed up of a lot of Crap that I'd been carrying around: wrong ideas about not being the director of my future and past, unknown boundaries, and unmade intentions. I was quite adrift as you regular readers may recall.
In November I also made a deciscion decisively that a boundary needed to be made between my anger and my forgiveness.
In November I met Ammie for the first time.

In December, December, I tried not to stress about the holidays. I tried to help my best friend find solid ground beneath her while upheaval was coming her way. I thought about my goals and achievements. I revisited Marquette and remade old friends, and learned that I need to unmake old alliances which are no longer healthy. I hiked, revelled, and went to Ammie's birthday party, by chance.

In January, fresh January, I set 2 solid goals for my year ahead. I took comfort in my astrology. My connection with myself was revealed to be unshakeable and my strength of mind grew. I decided to try to bring my body's strength up to match it. I wiggled my toes as roots might under the frozen ground, I felt those roots and was sure. I watched the moon and was initiated. I met Ammie with intention and was pleasantly affirmed.

Now it's nearly February. My best-girl-friend is standing again and the waves are passing over her. I am not pushing her as I used to, but gently reminding her I'm behind her, ready to stop her from falling. My 27th birthday rapidly approaches and my creative spririt is stretching, stretching up after a long, long sleep. I have a government I don't despise and suspect of evil intentions. I get to be with Ammie, it feels like a gift. I am unafraid, satisfied, trusting, and still totally me. Being totally me is so refreshing and reassuring.

I had my second energy reading session last weekend. It was the most invigorating and affirming event since reaching my living alone goal, but even better because it was from outside sources.

I know my path. I know my end goal and I know getting there is going to be interesting, intricate, and more empowering than anything that has come before. A life lived with intention is the best life indeed.


ammie said...

I did seem to pop up every month for awhile there, didn't I? And I'm glad we met with intention :)

Tara said...

That all sounds so good. I'm glad. Who is this energy person? Can I see them on the phone?

ShanaRose said...

It's possible! I'll find out and get back to you. HugsHugsWildloveHugs