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Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Big little Conversation About Sex and Stigmas

me: um, can i just say again...? i'm pretty excited. i'm being good about keeping my feet on the ground, but I'm pretty excited.
Anna: you should be excited! fuck the ground
me: haha
Anna: but don't really
me: yeah. especially in winter. ug.

Anna: how did you break the herp news, anyhow?
me: just talking about sex. it comes up, and i'm getting better at saying it.
Anna: good
me: i think i tend to start with, "so you've read my blog right?" if i know the person has, then I say something about not knowing if they read it yet, but blah blah blah... i still include a little tiny back story about the how 2008 was a shit year, i crashed my bike, then my lover gave me herpes and ruined the rest of the year for me. something like that. i think i'll get better and better at leaving the personal history out eventually

Anna: well, it lets people know that you were lied to, that you are responsible...
me: that's true. good point. ...that's actually prolly why i do it. i'm not ok with the "only irresponsible hos get herpes" stigma. SO not ok with it
Anna: exactly

me: think i'm gonna blog that actually.

Anna: can i get a shout out? :)
me: absolutely!
Anna: yay!


pulley-whipped said...

way to include my shameless request for a blog shout out. snarf.

ShanaRose said...

that's the funny/sweet end part though. i had to.