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Friday, January 30, 2009

Ancient. Community where I text.

It is day two of my moon cycle; one which I waited 67 days for. This long cycle encompassed a lot of tension and release and it feels, if you'll forgive me, thick.

I once brought home a lover. He had never been to my apartment before. We grew up in hugely disparate cultures, he from a Southwestern Mexican state and me from the US Midwest. He asked, "Do you only have women decorating your apartment?" Sometimes I think of him when I blog my intensely personal women experiences.

I couldn't get a seat on the train to work this morning, but felt such bubbling inside me; I sent text messages to my email instead. Looking at my in-box just now I saw messages from RASTASHASTA@VTEXT.COM and thought some spammer had gotten in and was asking for 6.8million dollars to be wired to my bank account from Nigeria. I hesitantly clicked the message and then wondered when I set that up, because the name on the texts are mine. Here's what I wrote:

Ancient. Community where I roam. Ministering. Listening in wet green sapling grove. Burnt out car. Rocks buried in chocolate mud. Life laid like a path leading across low prairie hills toward a dark mass made of the unknown. Stars brighter than anything. Heartbreak. A part made of scrapes, cuts, scars so deep they define the landscape. A poignant beauty whispers my wishes to me still.


Hadj said...

I love reading of your travels.

Askios said...

I just happened to stumble across your blog, and the sheer amount of effort you've put into is amazing! I could spend hours together here! Good job!