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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Whatever I Wanted

we are dancing

My head tilted
down to right
shirt bunched on
left hip
hung off
sweaty collar
I finally looked up

Your brown eyes
waited openly
whatever came
whatever you wanted
I straightened up
shot to my nostrils my throat
slackened down.
I stepped to you, because I am
either bold or fearing.

My courage learns its way to center

Right hip towards opposite
Your cheek bones long and
filling the hollows down to your
Naval. I wanted.

What a difference just to look at you.
Shoulders squared to one another
And pelvis I imagined slicking
and under

I am not afraid of my own power.
I am afraid of how I will use it.


Veigh Veronica said...

That is amazingly good. (:

ShanaRose said...

Thank you