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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dog(ged) Days

Wow. Wow, so busy. This month of August is burning up like wild-fire with no signs of rain. Let's see... there are the vagabond, lovely friends crashing with me for a bit, the other, slightly more anchored, vagabond lover that was here last week. Next week it's the marriage of two wonderful souls (by me, the Reverend!) and the week after Mom's surprise 50th that I'm throwing. Toss all that in with needing to make more money and generally live from day to day and time for writing or reading gets mega crunched. It could also have something to do with a new blog and a tumblog. I'm pretty stoked about tumblr, it encourages me to look for beautiful and interesting things and then to be succinct as possible. The new blog you can check, but the tumblog is my secret for a bit longer.

In fact, if you're a bisexual and would like to participate in Stuffbisexualslike, then let me know and I'll have you send your piece so we can put it in and credit it to you.

I spent 4 hours on Craigslist "adult gigs" this afternoon, while the Chicago world was bathed in perfect blue sky and temperature. I'm very intrigued about what may come and dragging my feet on getting into a another part time wage slave situation. It just doesn't seem smart, even though getting it may be easier. I need to take the time now to set some hustling up right so I don't have to continually earn money, but make it and make it my own.

Ah. I'm done done done with this computing. It's cozy, in bed, Sunday night time.


Danny said...

HA Stuff Bisexuals Like got linked to by Nick Denton! Internet fame is in your grasp!

shana said...