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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Live! From the Gurnee

I was deleting pictures of the ex from my phone the other day when I came across a video I'd made of myself, restrained as can be, in the ER about an hour after crashing my bike.

You wanna see a distraught face? Check it out.

This age of technology. Ain't is something?

It's been really nice, in some ways, not having a long distance relationship to tend to. I lose my phone for hours at a time now, I like it better that way. I sometimes wonder if text messaging is ruining our ability to discern between meaningful and drivel.
But texting did create this,
which is ever adorable.


pulley-whipped said...

=====~~~~~* (__*__)


ShanaRose said...

oh yes and that, we mustn't forget that!

also the puppy lickers. never forget the puppies!

Jera Sue said...

You look so sad! That makes me a little scared about getting on a bike in this city... but I am getting one next week! So excited!