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Monday, June 2, 2008

Re-Up On All Fronts

June, June, New Moon.

With turbulent spring May coming to an end I'm trying to look at what I've accomplished and what my goals are. Physically I've been feeling like something the cat drug in after a nasty alley fight with an errant raccoon. (I'm also reading Diablo Cody's Candy Girl as of this lunch hour, so watch out for overtly clever analogies to come.)

What with the detox in early May, followed by the bike crash and subsequent nutritional crash my body has yo-yoed back down to the dark side of sluggishness and headaches. Top that off with some Greyhound-ride-inducing exhaustion, some relationship redefining with Devyn, and a family birthday weekend, and I wound up with an eye twitch and lasting migraine by Sunday morning.

So it's time again for re-upping my energy levels on all fronts. This quarter-life crisis will either kill me, or I'll emerge at thirty with beautiful fucking wings.

(Purple, I want them to be purple and iridescent...

Not unlike Prince's Purple Rain.)

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Laura said...

Let Candy Girl help you rise like the Phoenix!