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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Plan Is Full

The moon will be full today.
It takes me so long for some realizations.
The plan is: use Chicago to learn myself like I learned the trails of the North Woods.
Then, flee to Woods (Northwest?) ASAP.

The plan is: live for each day, not for each weekend. Even if work is work.
The plan is: read more
The plan is: smile more

The plan is: it's optimism's turn now.

Plus I feel good because some internet human I don't think I know outted Devyn & his particular STD on his blog. Mirth and spite - they can get me going in the morning at my desk.

The plan is: notice how gorgeous sunrises are again

Blogging, texting, long distance e-dating...It's all so weird. So detached. That's one of the reasons I liked it I guess. All the intimacy without any of the compromises.

There are many reasons to be optimistic.
Tonight, stop and feel the sweetness of the Strawberry Full Moon

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pulley-whipped said...

beautiful description of optimism, dear shana. i particularly like the intimacy without compromise part.