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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Oranges in the Break room

"Let's take a break." I said
so we took the elevator up.
The fruit she'd brought inspired me
and I passed along the three
golden rules to choose an orange.

First, the orange has to be the best
color of the bunch. Bright and even
like a marigold. Second, the orange
should be firm and without soft spots.
Finally, most importantly,
the naval should be small.

A pin-prick is best; it shows
that the orange was allowed to
live on its stem, at home among
the leaves and branches
in the wind until
maturity and best juicy,
sweet taste.
"In Phoenix," she said "in March,
you can smell orange blossoms
in the air.

It smells like
gardenias or expensive perfume.
I forget what it is sometimes,
when I return home
that time of year.
I used to pick the fruit
for my choir teacher to get them
off the tree before they fell
and rotted and browned."

She looked at her orange, "I got these
from Costco, in a box."
"Let's do a taste test"
I suggested "to compare the method of choosing."
Her orange,
from a box congruous
to all the others that came,
flown from the south
or southwest, chosen indiscriminately,
tasted better.

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