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Friday, June 20, 2008

The Littlest Bird Sings the Prettiest Song

I told him that I walk up and down 46 stairs several times a day. I can do it really well now. I walk to the train and back once a day. I see how all the walls around me change.

The challenge is in retaining my anger and sense of wrong done while using that to fuel the creation of peace. I am being a warrior for my own strength and future. I remind myself, relax your shoulders. I tell myself, go get exercise. I prod myself, look around you.

It's not a pretty place, but parts of it will be home. I want parts of Chicago to sidle up to my heart. I don't have plans yet, but my green future is out there. When I go I imaging taking pieces of this city with me and remember how the highway near by made a nice white noise and how all the activity when muddled together is so impressive. I love riding my bike SE on Milwaukee and watching the big skyline loom up closer over the bridge that crosses the Dan Ryan highway. I like sitting in Humboldt Park's grand Rose Garden near the iron Bison set down a hundred years ago. I love walking the shore in Rogers Park where the yippies live and quietly looking for beach glass. The pigeons (rock doves) coo me to sleep at night, the wrens and other warblers wake me up in the morning.

Feeling alone when so much is happening around you can be depressing. However, savoring stillness, in my brightly painted corners, while the world whirs on is also delectable.

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