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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Flat City Cliffs

The Taurus in me is feeding. She is a happy bull. I love my contradictions. I walk around and catch phrases in my mind. Pin Ups and Cross Dressers. Hushed like a Stream. That's how I feel today. I feel constant, flowing, strong, glittering. I feel myself passing over rocks that I have smoothed with constancy and patience.
The Taurus in me is pawing at the grass. We are ready to slowly beeline toward the goals. We are learning to do things as we want them done and to walk away if we're not being listened to.
I scan the brick for graffiti daily. I had the pleasure of being on a bus that was held up by an "Ontario North" freight train today. Every car was tagged and it made me so happy. I keep stumbling upon the simplest answers to conundrums that have followed me all over Chicago.
When I moved to the UP for college I was afraid of the hiking at first. My friend would take me out to river gorges and rock cliffs. We would get so high, so high as only a young pot head could and then climb up up up to the tops of the gorges. We would ignore the trails and walk 50 degree inclines. I would freeze up often, wrapped around a sapling praying not to slip and get hurt or die. On the half mile break wall, all boulders and concrete blocks, I froze up for nearly 10 minutes.
Graffiti might be my city cliffs. Posting de-constructing snarky responses to normative, sickly sweet advertising is scary. I might freeze up. I might get hurt. But I also might just burst into bloom and commune with worlds I didn't know existed until I prowled their nights.
What would I be accomplishing? I would be spreading the word; the ideas that so many of us have; rejecting materialism and status-quo. I would be giving life to a part of me that's felt betrayed by the paths I've chosen since coming here. I would be loving a part of me that happily persists in existence, no matter how little light I allow it.

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