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Monday, May 5, 2008

Healthy Delight

Alright, so I'm 8 days in. I'm doing really well, eating lots of yummy veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds and concoctions I invent. For example, on Saturday I discovered the best tasting baked sweet potato recipe ever!

1 medium sweet, washed & diced
1-2 tsps olive oil (eyeball it)
to taste:
ground cardamom
ground coriander
salt & pepper
and dashes of cinnamon and garlic powder

1. coat sweet potato in olive oil and spread on cookie sheet.
bake at 425 for 15 minutes, sprinkle cardamom over potato, return to oven
2. bake for another 10 - 15 minutes, or until fork tender
remove from oven, place potato in bowl, mash pieces with fork
sprinkle coriander, s & p, cinnamon, garlic over top and mash up more together.

Taste bud delight! And totally good for you!
Another great one I discovered was an addition to a recipe in my detox "manual". The original recipe was Cabbage Salad, I made it zing!

Cabbage Salad:
1 sm red cabbage - sliced
3 granny smith apples - diced
olive oil
vinegar (I used apple vinegar)
healthy dash of garlic powder
tsp of lemon juice
1/2 cup chopped pecans
mix all ingredients together and let sit for at least an hour.

After a few days the bitterness of the cabbage became over-whelming and seemed like a dressing was needed. SO I put my genius hat on!
Dijon Zing!
1/2 bottle left over Sierra Nevada Stout stone ground Dijon mustard
1 tsp olive oil
1 tbsp apple vinegar
Mix it up real well and pour over salad.



Hara said...

I'm such a jaded foodie
I saw "recipe for sweet pot..."
and thought- heh, not much more we can do on that one,
but, you have- it's unique (to me ) and sounds wonderful!

I would either use crushed garlic or slice a clove and rub it on before baking- as I don't have or use the powder...

sounds like a good breakfast for tomorrow morn-

good luck with the detox

Laura said...

gah! sweet potatoes! :( blech.

cabbage, howevs = :)slurp!

ammie said...

They both sound delicious to me! I've used too much heavy cream lately, and this is making me want to eat more healthily.

ShanaRose said...

Agreed on the healthier eating! I started this morning with steel cut oats and dried cranberries. I guess I should mention the butter and brown sugar too, if I'm going to be honest. My diet has been too much corn/grain lately and not enough root veggies. Must. Grocery. Shop.