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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I Wear a Gold Halo Round My Heart

The corporate office felt like it was swallowing up my vitality today.

I went to a lunch seminar on "Financial Fitness" where they told me to do the things my first boyfriend told me to do years ago. Though, I did get a free salad for lunch.

Then, over an hour after quitting time, I read blogs while waiting on the printer. I learned that a game of hide-and-go-seek with Chickweed will be super fun, and everywhere, this growing season. I read about glorious big women down South stripping. I discovered that the best poet I've read that isn't yet known has another blog and that her Mom needs good healing energy.

I sent her that energy. I sent it out from my heart and felt the warmth and glow immediately. As soon as I read there was help needed that glow began burning brightly in my chest, I didn't have to think a thing; my energy knew where to be.

I can still be a witch. Quietly at first, and in the city for now.
It's been a trying day and all the vices I have known have come into my head as a way to release this tension.
Instead of drinking my whiskey, or buying dinner at a restaurant, or calling someone who kisses well, I'm going to blow on that golden warm energy at my heart center and re-name things that need new names and meanings.

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davka said...

thank you eternities and endless aeons of love, shanarose! she is doing much better. thank you so much!