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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tabs on Tags

Graffiti is one of my favorite things about living in a large city. Every day when I look at the abandoned looking building on Grand/Milwaukee/Halsted I wonder why the authorities keep covering the tags, postings, & art over in drab grey/blue or brown paint. It looks worse!

I got a lot of nice exposure to world wide graffiti via the wonders of the internet and work slack today.

In Berlin the breaking down of the wall let thousands of kids, artists, and rebels flood the previously sterile East side to do their work.

I happened upon the daily photo blog of a French man and discovered that March 1 was a blog theme day for Daily photo blogs and the theme was graffiti or street art & murals. Sweet! I spent the last 20 minutes looking at street art world wide. Blog hopping is so much fun.


Marnina said...

ooohh... I will be back to your blog to read and read some more.

I agree with you about graffiti. Living in the suburbs I am happy to see some on passing freight train cars.

Dusseldorf has got it right,


ShanaRose said...

A great picture!

I'm glad you're here and first glance tells me that I'll be checking out your words too. Welcome!

Welcome to where 'flax golden tales' are spun.