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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Kind of Deadening


that's right, just breathe through it.
consider yourself admonished.

i just got told by my boss, who got told by her boss, who got told by her boss that i've been seen doing too much walking around and talking in the office and i may be moved closer to my boss to be "kept an eye on".

if that don't beat the fucking shit.

more graffiti
s'ok, i'll look like an office drone at my desk, but i won't actually Be at my desk.
graffiti frenzy!

Here's a great interview with Swoon who I'm obsessed with today thanks to the talk she gave at MoMA that 'mysteriously' appeared in my iTunes.

In the interview I linked to, she says this:
"I see that they painted that wall brown, and it looks horrible. Everything is gone the whole thing is brown. And to me that is so much worse vandalism than anything else that was done to that wall. Because it’s brick, I mean look at all the colors and textures, and all of the sense that you get of that building. Now they’ve just painted that whole building brown. It looks really horrible. It’s kind of deadening, you know"


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Anonymous said...

I did leave Swoon on your computer! If I forgot to delete that I might have left other things as well. Sadly, not pornography, probably science lectures.