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Monday, March 17, 2008

In The Air

I have a lot of stories backing up at home and have not been very disciplined about moving them forward or putting them into a more interesting plot or format. Stay tuned for more stories.

I need to call my Grandma and ask her how she feels about the state of the Union. I wonder if I'm imagining the awakening of the national consciousness or if it is actually happening. I feel my Grandma, who lives in a "Senior Community" in Las Vegas, is a great canary in the mine. She spends most of her time worrying about finances or her children and their children, so if worries about the shrinking world and economy are getting into her purview then, maybe progress is being made on the sleeping complacency front.

Sleeping complacency front?
That phrase proves I'm paying only half attention as I type.

One Love

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