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Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Ex at My Bus Stop.

this is done in the form from the Overeducated Nympho's triad blogs. I've adapted it. I like it and it's good to know who/what you like as a writer.

My heart: Shit. I can't believe she's here!
the head: You knew it would happen eventually. You live in the same neighborhood.
My heart: But I forgot as time passed! And I'm not in her hood! I'm on My route to work! What is she doing here?! Doesn't she work from home?! ShitShitShit!
the head: You're staring.
The pussy: And she doesn't see you.
My heart: Really? Is she just playing cool?
EGO: Ow. Look away. Be cold. Look away hard.
My heart: Is she looking? Does she see us?
the head: This is stupid. Look at her. She's walking this way.
The pussy: Does she see us?
EGO: She's five feet away. She has to see us.
Removes sunglasses. Gets her eye immediately.
the head: Her face. It's doing that cool cover up...
My heart: ...adorable sheepish look. Shit. I'm scared. I'm scared I can't control these feelings.
three hours later
My heart: Shit.
the head: It went well. Chill out.
My heart: Will she call? Or text?
the head: Fuck. No obsessing allowed. Absolutely not!
EGO: Remember that floor you dropped through last time?
the head: And how months in an unfamiliar emotional basement felt empty and sad?
My heart: Yeah.
the head: Do Not go there. Stop obsessing and get to fucking work. Think about something else.
My heart: Her face. I shouldn't have sent that e-mail to her saying I kinda loved it. Shit. Why am i so bad at thinking about something else?
the head: Oh christ you're obnoxious. Shit.
My heart: Hey, I can't help it!
The pussy: No! It's good! She suggested lunch! She told you you look good!
My heart: She was as herself as she can be on short notice.
the head: Shit. Just keep quiet.
EGO: Keep quiet little chick.
the head: Try and enjoy the first day of spring.

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