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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Summer Gnome, Pt. 2

The following poem was written as I grew out of the swamp of my feelings for the Gnome following the "tooth incident" which we've not talked of since.

"Release, Renew, Redye"

A red veil covers my eyes;
Thin enough to see and breathe through,
Thick enough to thrash under.
Red for heirloom tomatoes
given me from the bushes out back
by the dumpsters.
They were only for me
And for everyone else your
decadence was served to.
For the blood and crack:
For the blood that came
and washed away fear of seed.
For the crack of front teeth,
Ripped from my imagistic nightmares.
Spit from a mouth I sucked
and held in incinerating feebleness.
A hot, Red veil suffocates today.
On the morning train
Two days later.
A gossamer
A cheese cloth
A shroud of Red
disfiguring every step, reach, gasp.

February 27, 2006

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