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Sunday, February 10, 2008

In Loo of Cleaning the Bathroom

In lieu of cleaning the bathroom I'm writing nice letters to friends I've known for years, and also to new people that I've stumbled upon in the brave new interworld.

Below is the comment I left for J9 to whom I was Google directed while distractedly trying to find out what the term is for a person or thing aged 90 - 99.

Septuagenarian, octogenarian...ninety...?

It's nonogenarian. Nono, I learned, is the Latin root for nine. That's interesting because in the other cases -genarian is attached to a Greek root; the Greek word for nine being ennea. But, as J9 might say, I digress:

ohmygod, I think I love you.

wiki-ed ninety + octogenarian.
your blog came up, thus saving me from a rinky-dink wind-about trip toward the correct answer and to your writing instead.

Reason #486 that the world wide web is the 2nd Best Invention Ever

(#1 being electricity):
Never, before the net, would I have written to a person that I don't know who lives in Petersham & Ipswich, New South Wales & Qld, Australia, a place I've never heard of, and told them I loved them.

I won't even know what Qld is until I Googleit a few minutes from now.

The next letter that I sent flying on wings of tiny plastic encased wires went to Ohtis, a band I happened to see Thursday night.

Dear Ohtis,
I've been sitting in a tee-shirt and underwear with all my bathroom supplies on the living room floor trying to think of what rhymes with Elephant so that I could finish my limerick to you. What I mean to say is that I'm procrastinating on the utterly important task of cleaning the loo to write you this letter of appreciation for the Fucking Awesome show you played at The Note last week.
I had gone to see Elephant Gun and was so shocked at the good time I was having that I came out of my semi-alcoholic mopey stupor and enjoyed myself thoroughly.
So Thank You Ohtis and
Rock On.


And now, Ghandi.

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