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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

H&R Block

I came home to do my taxes. I have 5 w2s from 06-07 and one of them is missing. I can't remember if I ever had it or not. I think I did and am frustrated because I'm flat broke and want the return to live on until paycheck normalcy returns, and because I don't have system or place in my little apt. yet where all these paper jams can live.

I'm not used to losing things, but this year I may learn the exception to that old rule.

I'll have to call the restaurant and wade through the mire of bookkeeping that bogs any mom & pop restaurant down and wait it out for the last w2 to come.

Life, or rather, my behavior in it, is frustrating me currently.

Hm. I seem to recall thinking just 4 hours ago that I'm getting better at seeing positives and not only negative...well...a count on a minute ago had Obama beating Clinton 9 - 7 in the states voting in primaries today.

Hm. Oh! This is better.
I got a box of truffles in the mail today. Yes. Yes. That helps.

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